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  Your New Best Friends
(Mostly Housebroken)

Joe Laudadio

Guitar (1999)

Jimmy Teodoro

Drums (1999)


Effusion 35 is the maniacal machination of singer/songwriter Pat Manley. An original band based in the Philadelphia area, Effusion melds the melodic style of bands like Television and R.E.M. with the riff-heavy hooks of Sonic Youth and Nirvana.

Formed in 1998 by Manley (Milton and the Devils Party) and bassist Sean Hamill, Effusion 35 was founded on the duo's shared tendencies toward aggressive rock with pop sensibilities.

The versatile Joe Napoleon (October Sun; Salmonberry; Dan, Dan the Drywall Man), once Effusion 35's drummer, dropped his sticks and picked up his pick, becoming its second guitarist. Joe's passion for the fret board now fills Effusion 35's sound with atypical lead work inspired by his avant-garde musical tastes.

In September 2001, Pat recruited veteran drummer Randy Robbins (Krypton Daisy; The Deweys; The Anarctic Wasteland Jugband), allowing Napoleon the move to guitar and morph the power trio into a quartet of kineticism. Robbins provided the thundering backbeat for Effusion 35 while also serving as a lyricist and songwriter.

Beginning in late 2014, bassist Kevin Manley (Smellco; Secret Drawer) joined the ranks as full-time bassist, along with drummer Jim Napoleon (Acrasia; Skin Pyle; Those 5 Guys). The new all-sibling lineup provides the perfect balance of comradery and repressed familial rage that propels the performances into the stratosphere! (or; at least, the troposphere). Most recently, the multitalented  Tom DiGregorio (Assaultica; Pool Hall Brawl) has joined the band in a multitude or roles from guitar to recording engineer. 

Over the years the band has managed to leave its indelible stain on pop culture with the full length studio album, Stonewind (2008), EPs in 2010 and 2014, and a slew of singles and soundtrack collaborations in feature films (Leaving Virginville) and documentaries (Bazaar of All Nations; Wages of Spin II).

In 2019 the band played an epic, professionally filmed, career-spanning 20th Anniversary show at Bourbon and Branch in Philadelphia with special guests, alternating era-specific lineup changes, and downright good-natured band to fan comradery.

2024 marks the 25th Anniversary of Effusion 35 and the band plans an action-packed year of Silver Anniversary shows, surprises, laughs, tears, international intrigue, and spontaneous dance contests.



Patrick Manley |


Kevin Manley |


Effusion 35 was formed in the infernal foundry of Philadelphia, PA in the last years of the 20th Century. Known for heavy guitar driven rock, they’ve graced the halls of the legendary Philly venues, outlasting many of them. Are they immortal? Most likely. The only way to know for sure is to attend every show and study every song for clues.


Members: Pat Manley (vocals, guitar), Joe Napoleon (guitar, vocals), Kevin Manley (bass), Jim Napoleon (drums), Tom DiGregorio (guitar)

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