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The Epitome of Boredom
demo tape, 1996


Band featured in Origivation Magazine, 2002


Randy Robbins featured in Origivation
drummers issue, 2002


Marquee at Media Theatre for One Song Rock Festival, August 2012


World Cafe Live performance, Christmas 2017

74506124_10156841702621699_5915528056725831680_n (1).jpg

Flier for 20th anniversary show, November 2019


USB key that carried "Missing Time" 
to Space and raised $8,448 in auction

Flier for 2001 "12 Bands of Christmas"
competition by


Playlist for Hometown Heroes
featuring "Placebo"

Effusion 35 sign on Interstate 95 in Philadelphia

Effusion 35 at Penn Treaty Park in 2022. From left: Tom DiGregorio, Pat Manley, Jim Napoleon, Kevin Manley, Joe Napoleon

Also known as  The Rude Mechanicals , Effusion
Origin                   Philadelphia, PA, U.S.
Genres                 Alternative rock, punk, hard rock,
                              indie rock
Effusion 35 discography
Years active        1999 - present  

Members            Pat Manley
                              Joe Napoleon
                              Kevin Manley
                              Jim Napoleon
                              Tom DiGregorio

Past members    Sean Hamill
                               Randy Robbins
                               Joe Laudadio
                               Jim Teodoro


Flier from first show
May 7, 1999

Track of the Day_edited.jpg

"Calm" featured as's
"Track of the Day" August 28th, 2003


Effusion 35 performing during their Stonewind album release
party at North Star Bar on July 17, 2008

BandofSkulls copy.jpg

Flier for Band of Skulls show at North
Star Bar, June 29, 2009


Early 2015 performance with new lineup including drummer Jim Napoleon and bassist Kevin Manley

49398558_10156095394496404_6267890137217105920_n (1).jpg

Flier for Green Jellÿ support performance, 2019


Effusion 35 performing at Kung Fu Necktie, May 31st 2024

Sponge art p.jpg

Flier for show supporting Sponge,
May 2024

CBS 3 Philly story on Penn Treaty Park performance July 2, 2016

Artist of the Month.jpg

Effusion 35 "Artist of the Month", May 2016

"Waiting" featured on WXPN The Key story about One Song Rock Festival, August 2012 

Effusion 35 is an American Indie rock band hailing from Philadelphia, PA. The band was formed by singer/songwriter Pat Manley in 1998 with bassist Sean Hamill [1]. Guitarist Joe Napoleon and drummer  Randy Robbins joined in 2000 and 2001, respectively [2,3]. Since the end of 2014, drummer Jim Napoleon, bassist Kevin Manley, and most recently, guitarist Tom DiGregorio have become full-time members. 

The sound of Effusion 35 is a melding of their influences such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Helmet and David Bowie. One critic noted that fans of a guitar-heavy rock style “should find something in Effusion 35′s music they can relate to” in the band’s diverse catalogue [4]. 

The band’s name comes from an early version of Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem, The Eolian Harp titled “Effusion 35”.  Manley, who holds a degree in English Literature, had become enamored with Coleridge’s work and chose the name after briefly considering others such as The Rude Mechanicals, and Stratagem. 

Over the last quarter century, the band has produced one full-length album, Stonewind, two EPs, Come Closer and Borrowed Time, Reluctant Rhymes, and over a dozen singles

[5-7]. They have performed on the same bills with well-known acts such as Sponge,

Band of Skulls, Green Jellÿ, and The Ronains [8].



Pat Manley and Sean Hamill met while working at a restaurant in 1994. They found a shared interest in guitar-driven, melodic rock and met to rehearse the Led Zeppelin song "Tangerine" in 1996. A small concert was performed at a 4th of July Party in their native Collingdale, PA in 1998. The setlist consisted of two The Vaselines songs “Son of a Gun” and “Molly’s Lips”.  


Early Years (1999-2007)

Manley had been developing demos of original compositions since the summer of 1995, and the cassette tape,

entitled The Epitome of Boredom became the foundation of their early songwriting. The first full concert with original

guitarist Joe Laudadio and drummer Jimmy Teodoro took place on May 7th, 1999 at The Belvedere Lounge in

Collingdale, PA under the band name “The Rude Mechanicals”.  Shortly thereafter, Joe Laudadio and Jimmy Teodoro

left the band, and a new three-piece format was adapted with drummer Joe Napoleon. After about a year of

performing, Joe Napoleon transitioned to guitar and a new drummer, Randy Robbins, was brought in. 

                                                  The early 2000s lineup featuring Manley, Napoleon, Hamill, and Robbins first

                                                  performed at Doc Watson’s Pub in Philadelphia on November 13th, 2001. The

                                                  very next show was at Philadelphia’s Hard Rock Café as a part of’s 

                                                  the “12 Bands of Christmas” competition. The band was victorious in the first round, on

                                                  December 6, 2001 but was defeated in the second round one week later, missing the chance for a national                                                                competition and record deal opportunity. Effusion 35 continued momentum into 2002, releasing their first                                                                    single “Placebo”, recorded at Slap Studios in Philadelphia. Later that year the band was featured in a promo                                                               video for Slap Studios, and drummer Randy Robbins was highlighted in Origivation Magazine’s issue focusing                                                              on drummers, as well as the full band in a separate issue [9].

                                                           A second single, “Calm”, was featured as’s

                                                           “Track of the Day” in the genre of Hard Rock,  on August 28th, 2003.  

                                                           In 2004, both “Placebo” and “Calm” continued gaining traction and were

                                                           featured on the compilation Sounds from the Underground Volume 7, by

                                                           Ground Control Recording. The release was accompanied by concert

                                                           featuring many of the bands appearing on the compilation at the Pontiac

                                                           Grille (formerly J.C. Dobbs) on South Street in Philadelphia [10]


                                                  Stonewind and Opening Slot for Band of Skulls


                                                             In 2008, the band’s first full-length album, Stonewind, was released. In addition to the aforementioned

                                                             “Placebo” and “Calm”, the album contained an additional 9 tracks, recorded between 2001 and 2008. Tracks 

                                                             such as "Stonewind" featured writing collaborations with Pat Manley and Joe Napoleon and "'Round and

                                                             Back" and "Nothing Gets Done" featured such a collaboration between Manley, Napoleon, and Robbins,

                                                             something that would become more common in future compositions. Reviews for the record were 

                                                             generally positive with one stating "Stonewind is a fine first effort. Let's hear more" [11]. Others commended                                                                  diversity of sounds, stating "Effusion 35 mixes a variety of styles; melodic 'classic' rock, with some heavy                                                                       metal whining lead guitar hooks, a bit a synth, and some harmonious vocals"  [12]. More than one review                                                                       cited "Soma (It's Not Enough)" as the standout track [12,13] 2009 presented the

                                                             band an opportunity for an opening slot supporting international Billboard

                                                             charting recording artists Band of Skulls on June 29th at the North Star Bar

                                                             in Philadelphia [14]. Members of the press and local rock station 93.3 WMMR

                                                             FM were in attendance. 







Come Closer, Bazaar of All Nations Soundtrack, and Media Theatre Performance (2010-2013)

                                                                               2010 saw the release of the Come Closer EP, which included 5 new songs lead by the singles                                                                                           “Waiting” and “Dark Alleys”, and including a song “Relative to What?” which originally appeared on                                                                                   Manley’s The Epitome of Boredom demo tape. Shortly after these sessions, the band contributed                                                                                     the score to the documentary film, Bazaar of All Nations, which was released later that year [15].                                                                                       The film, which included interviews with Vince Papale, Captain Noah, and Big Daddy Graham,                                                                                         gained media coverage, a theatrical run in the Philadelphia suburbs, DVD sales, and eventual                                                                                           broadcast on the Philadelphia PBS affiliate, WHYY TV 12 [16,17]. In 2012, Effusion 35 performed at                                                                                     the storied Media Theatre as part of the One Song Rock Festival [18]. 



Wages of Spin II Soundtrack and Borrowed Time, Reluctant Rhymes (2014)

In 2014, a new song, called “Never Be Forgiven” was included in the soundtrack to the documentary film The Wages of Spin II: Bring Down that Wall [19] . The film is the middle entry of a trilogy of documentaries focusing on payola scandals in the music business, and starring such industry notables as Charlie Gracie. The EP Borrowed Time, Reluctant Rhymes, was released later that year, which includes “The Garden Path” and “Bad Neighborhood” which became live staples and remain so to this day [20]. 


Lineup Change, Leaving Virginville Soundtrack, Penn Treaty Park, World Cafe Live and

Single Releases (2015-2018)     

In late 2014 the first major shift in the band’s lineup began, with bassist and founding member Sean

Hamill stepping away, as well as longtime drummer Randy Robbins. With these vacancies, bassist

Kevin Manley, and drummer Jim Napoleon, the brothers of Pat Manley and Joe Napoleon

respectively, joined the group full-time. Also during this period there was a substantial increase in

frequency of shows, particularly in 2016 and 2017 [20]. 2016 also marked the first instance of a

tradition of playing a concert at historic Penn Treaty Park each summer, which continues to this day.

The band contributed several songs to the 2017 film Leaving Virginville, including new mixes of  the

previously released "Bad Neighborhood" and "The Garden Path", as well as the album versions of

"Just One More Sunrise", 'Round and Back", and "Juxtaposition" [21]. Pat Manley also contributed the

film score as well. The film screened theatrically and has won dozens of awards on the festival circuit [22]. In December of 2017 the band performed at the renowned World Cafe Live as part of a band showcase. During this period there were also several single releases, including a new mix "Never Be Forgiven" and new recordings "Ledge", "All I Need Is You", "Doppelgänger", "Apple (Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree)", "Calm(er)", and "King of the Pack". 2018 also marked the first appearance of Tom DiGregorio as a band member. 

                                                                 Performances with Green Jellÿ, The Ronains, and 20th Anniversary                                                                           Show (2019)


                                                                                 2019 was a significant year for the band,  being the

                                                                                 20th Anniversary of the first performance, and it

                                                                                 startedwith a opening slot for the well-known Comedy

                                                                                 rock band Green Jellÿ in a sold out show at the

                                                                                 Philadelphia venue, Kung Fu Necktie [23,24].

Consequently,  Effusion 35 would have a repeat performance opening for the band again in 2020,

a year to the day of this show. In April 2019, the band opened for Scottish band The Ronains at The

Fire in Philadelphia [25]. While this was their first U.S. tour, The Ronains have had sustained success in the U.K. with top-10 charting singles, songs highlighted on BBC Radio 1, and sold out tours/festival shows [26]. In November, Effusion 35 celebrated their 20th Anniversary with a career-spanning set at Bourbon & Branch in Philadelphia [27]. The band was rejoined on several songs by bassist and founding member, Sean Hamill. The entire show was professionally filmed [28].

                                                                  Songs for Space, Opening for Sponge, New Album,  and 25th                 

                                                                  Anniversary (2020-2024)

                                                                                  On October 13th 2021 astronaut Chris Boshuizen carried a

                                                                                  Star Trek-themed USB drive containing the Effusion 35 song

                                                                                  “Missing Time”, amongst others submitted to a popular Reddit

                                                                                  thread, on the Blue Origin NS-18 rocket launch [29-31]. The flight,

                                                                                  which also carried actor William Shatner, received heavy media

coverage, including live TV broadcasts, streaming, and a documentary entitled Shatner in Space [32,33]. On  May

31st 2024 Effusion 35 was the opening act for the platinum recording artist, Sponge in front of a sold out

audience at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia during their Rotting Piñata 30th Anniversary tour [34]. Effusion 35

moved towards completion of a new concept album conceived by Joe Napoleon and comprising some of the

singles released over the past few years such as "King of the Pack", "AII I Need Is You", "Apple (Doesn't Fall Far

From the Tree)" and "Shitbag" as well as several new compositions. The band celebrates its 25th Anniversary

in 2024 and a celebratory performance is slated for later in the year. 


Awards/Nominations, Highlights, and Broadcast History

                                                      The band quickly gained some accolades in the early 2000s, consistently leading in rankings on the regional                                                              website [35]. In 2001 the band won the first round of "The 12 Bands of Christmas" competition at                                                              Hard Rock Cafe in Philadelphia. In 2010, "Placebo" was ranked the #17 song in all genres on                                                                [36]. In 2016, Effusion 35 was voted "May Artist of the Month" by [37]. Also that year, the band's                                                          performance at Penn Treaty Park was highlighted on CBS3 Philadelphia [38]. In 2021, the band was highlighted in                                                        a profile by the Philadelphia bar, The Monkey Club [39]. 

                                                       In 2016, Youtube Channel Your Local Note did an extended

                                                       interview with Effusion 35, and played the songs "Placebo",

                                                      "Waiting", "The Garden Path" and "Bad Neighborhood" [40].

                                                      Heavy metal band, Assaultica uses a sample of the Effusion

                                                      35 song "Lillyanna" in their own song "Slippery When Dead",

                                                      released in 2018 [41].  In 2021 and 2022 live music videos of

                                                      the songs "Juxtaposition" and  "Missing Time" were featured

                                                      in the Film Festival, A Lyte In the Dark, screening at

                                                      Princeton Garden Theatre in Princeton, NJ, and later

broadcast on Comcast local access channels in NJ [42,43]. The band was nominated in 4 categories for the 2021 "Homey Awards"  (Best guitarist, Best bass player, Best drummer, and Best rock song) on the radio program Hometown Heroes Delaware Public Media [44].Hometown Heroes both on their former station 93.7FM WSTW and their current Delaware Public Media broadcasts, have played the songs "Don't Wanna Talk About It", "King of the Pack", "Never Be Forgiven", "Placebo", "Something on You", "The Garden Path" and "Waiting" [45]. Y-NOT Radio has played "Waiting", "Ledge", and "Against the Grain" as well as a live acoustic performance of "Something on You"[46]. WXPN's The Key, featured "Waiting" on a story about the One Song Rock Festival in 2012 [47]. The band has also received airplay on KNYO 107.7 FM, in Fort Bragg, California,  WRTI 90.1 FM Temple University radio, and WQHS UPenn radio.


In 2023 a rooftop tribute to Effusion 35 appeared on I-95 in Philadelphia near the I-676 exit [48]. 



Albums and EPs

  • Stonewind (2008)

  • Come Closer (2010)

  • Borrowed Time, Reluctant Rhymes (2014)


  • Bad Neighborhood (2016)

  • The Garden Path (2016)

  • Never Be Forgiven (2016)

  • Ledge (2017)

  • All I Need Is You (2017)

  • Doppelgänger (2017)

  • Calm(er) (2019)

  • Against the Grain (2019)

  • Something on You (2020)

  • Shitbag (2021)

  • Don't Wanna Talk About It (2023)


  • Bazaar of All Nations (2010)

  • Wages of Spin II (2014)

  • Leaving Virginville (2017)



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